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Stone Coated Roof Tiles

Stone Coated Roof Tiles

Our roof material made of Aluzinc Steel (Stone Coated metallic tile) is designed and manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather.

The Stone Coated Metallic Tile due to its design which overlaps and interlocks in a horizontal plane, fastened with an anti-rust nail makes it strong enough to withstand strong wind, heavy rain, and earthquakes. The stone granule chips glued to the Aluzinc steel serve as a weather protection to the roof and also provides the aesthetic appeal of conventional tiles and durability.

Additionally, Stone Coated roofing tiles are also a cost-effective option because of their light weight and low maintenance as well as leak free and fire resistance. As a new roofing material, its widely used in many projects for both residential and commercial building, etc.

If you want to bring an enhancement or have an aesthetic style for your building roof, then choose Winning Hearts Stone Coated Metallic Tile to give your roof a lasting and beautiful look.

Winning Hearts Stone Coated Metallic Tile comes in different designs such as Shingles, Bond, Classic, Milano, Roman and wood shake Tile.




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